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 $25 per car - Cash or Check only, please!

  Mileage based navigational road rally
This event will be an introduction to mileage based course rallying. 100 penalty points will be awarded for each mile that you go off-course. Exact times are not important but accurate course-following is.

Mike Szorentini, the Rallymaster is designing the route for individuals new to this type of event and will provide helpers to keep you on-course and instruct you on possible upcoming self-correcting route following tricks that you might see later in the event or on the December 5th Teddy Bear Toys for Tots rally. 

This event is open to the general public and requires only a car or light SUV/truck, pen/pencil and clipboard or other writing surface.
Starting Location: McDonalds - 72 Reaville Ave. Flemington, NJ
Ending Location:
Tavern 519 - 650 County Route 519, Frenchtown, NJ

Registration opens at 10:00 AM, first car off at 11:01 AM 

1 and 2 Expert
1 and 2 Intermediate
1,2 and 3 Novice
1 and 2 Place 'First Timer'
 Best Family, Best Husband &Wife/Partner, Best SCCA

Dead Last But Finished

Classes are based on your rally expertise

Rally Limited to 60 Cars

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