Northern NJ Region SCCAMCNJ2021 Rallye Schedule
Northern New Jersey Region – SCCA

Here are the 2021 dates and a general description.
More Information, Flyers and Pre-registration links will be added as we progress through the year. Thanks for your support and interest.

Intro to TSD Rallying - a 7 minute Video
 by Ranier Sports Car Club

 May 23 – 2021
Second Hand Roads

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A sixty-five mile 3+ hour Time-Speed-Distance Road Rally, utilizing smartphone technology to provide you with instant Checkpoint scores as you pass by 20+ timing controls. Mileage to every turn will be provided in the route instructions to help keep you stay on-course and official ‘Key Times’ will be provides to help you stay ‘on time all the time’ The object of the event is to follow the course at the assigned (legal) speeds on the back twisting roads of western New Jersey and to arrive at each checkpoint on-time; not early, not late. Your score on each leg of the rally is based on how you arrive at each checkpoint. Low score wins.

August 22 – Back to School

Mileage based navigational roadrally. This event will be an introduction to mileage based course rallying. 100 penalty points will be ‘awarded’ for each mile that you go off-course. The Rallymaster is designing the route for individuals new to this type of event and will provide helpers to keep you on-course and ‘instruct’ you on possible upcoming self-correcting route following tricks that you might see later in the event or on the December 5th ‘Teddy Bear’ Toys for Tots rally.

Oct 10 – New Jersey Monte
National Course Road Rally

This is an all-day 160+ mile Time-Speed-Distance Map Rally. The route will be based on the ‘historic’ New Jersey ‘Esso/Exxon’ map published by TravelVision a division of General Drafting Company, Inc of Convent Station, N.J. (yes paper maps were a thing) All Timing Controls will be listed on the map with associated car Zero ‘Key Times’, and all you have to do is stay on-course by following the route highlighted on the map and get to each of the Timed Controls ‘on time’. All speeds will be at or below posted speed limits. The event will start early, mid-morning and a lunch break are planned, along with several rest stops, we are looking to be finished by 4 PM. A full day of activities, just like in the ‘old days’. This event will be held in association with South Jersey SCCA’s North by Northwest National Tour Rally on October 9. Combined the event will be the 1st ever New Jersey National RoadRally Weekend. Smartphone technology will be utilized for both event, to provide you with instant Checkpoint scores as you pass by each timing controls. The combined event will have over 100 scoring opportunities.

December 5, 2021
Teddy Bear Rally
 31st Annual Toys for Tots Charity Rally

A sixty mile/three hour Novice orientated course rally, which utilizes written instructions and photo clues to determine the trophy winners. This is not a timed event, your score will be determine by your ability to follow the course correctly and identify the scenes depicted in the photo clues. This is the 30th Annual USMC Toys for Tot ‘fund raiser’, the entry fee is a stuffed animal of $35.00 value or greater. This is the longest running Charity event hosted by the Sports Car Club of America.

A two hour scenic tour of northwestern New Jersey. A great social distance event for the whole family. Starting at High Marques Motors in Morristown and traveling north into the Pequannock Valley and Newark Watershed to discover some of the most stunning scenery the Highlands region has to offer. We will end in Sparta at local favorite, Krogh's Restaurant & Brew Pub near the Sparta Boardwalk. Come and explore incredible views of reservoirs and lakes against the backdrop of New Jersey's thriving secret 360 square mile forest, home to the cleanest supplies of drinking water, and the greatest diversity of plant and animal life in the state.