Motorsport Club of North Jersey


General Instructions

OVERVIEW:    Before the start of the rallye, you will be given the route instructions for the event. These route instructions will usually, but not always, contain an introduction to the day’s event, numbered instructions, and questions. The object is to follow the numbered instructions as closely as possible and answer the questions while doing so. Penalty points will be assessed for going off course or answering a question incorrectly. Your goal is to get the fewest penalty points. The introduction may contain information and special rallye-wide instructions. Such special instructions apply to TODAY’S RALLYE ONLY! In the case where an instruction in the introduction contradicts these General Instructions, the special instructions take precedence, unless specifically told otherwise. You will receive a scoresheet upon which you will record your answers to the questions and CHECKPOINT* mileages. Make sure you complete the header (name, address, etc.) portion of the scoresheet before starting the rallye, and entire scoresheet (except final checkpoint mileage) prior to arrival at the last CHECKPOINT*.






ROUTE FOLLOWING PRIORITIES:  Follow these priorities in numerical order:


                1.       Perform the next action required by a numbered instruction. Numbered instructions are executed only once and in ascending numerical order. Each numbered instruction must be executed in its entirety unless specifically directed otherwise. You may perform an action at an intersection only if there are two or more valid directions of travel at the intersection. You may not perform two consecutive numbered instructions at the same intersection unless specifically told otherwise.


                2.       When a numbered instruction directs you onto a road by name or number, by way of the use of the word ‘onto’ or the glossary term PU* (Pickup), follow that road by name or number until the execution of the first action of the next numbered instruction regardless of road surface. Once directed onto a road by name or number, the signs indicating that road may be found on the right, left, or in front. It is your responsibility to watch for these signs on either side of the road or in front.


                3.       Straight as possible. In the event that straight as possible is a nonexistent road, as defined below, then follow the road with the least possible turn to stay on legitimate rallye roads, unless specifically directed otherwise.


COURSE: The rallye course is on THROUGH, PAVED, PUBLIC roads. Roads other than these do not exist, unless the factor that makes them nonexistent is specifically overridden in the route instructions. You must stop at all MCNJ manned controls (indicated by MCNJ 8. signs) and follow the directions of the control crew. Controls are not always CHECKPOINTs*. Execution of route following priorities 2 and 3 will not result in a U-turn.


SIGNS OR OBJECTS:   A sign is a continuous surface of any material used to convey information. Signs will be referenced directly (e.g., R at “SMITH ST.”, where you need to find a sign that reads exactly “Smith St.” not “Smith Street”) or indirectly (e.g., R at Smith St, where you find a sign identifying a road as Smith Street). When a sign is referenced directly, specific wording from the sign will appear as all capital (uppercase) letters and/or numerals enclosed in quotation marks, although the message on the actual sign may be in any typeface or cases. Anything in the route instructions that appears in all capitals and enclosed in quotation marks is a direct reference to a sign. Signs referenced directly will be quoted in their entirety unless preceded by the glossary term RIP*. Parts of words or numbers are never used. Illustrations on signs are to be considered objects. Signs or objects will be found on the right unless the glossary term SOL* or MBCSOL* is used. Signs or objects are visible within 90 degrees of straight ahead. Road surfaces are not to be considered signs or objects. Minuscule lettering such as N.J.D.O.T., P.O., a sign company name, etc. that has no bearing on the message of the sign is not considered to be part of the sign.


QUESTIONS:      During the course of the rallye, you may be required to answer questions. You answer questions by finding appropriate information (on signs or objects) outside your vehicle visible along the rallye route. Unless specifically told otherwise, begin looking for the answers to questions after you complete all the actions of the numbered instruction preceding it and continue looking until you begin the first action of the next numbered instruction. Questions are also answerable while following a road by name or number or while Following White Line (FWL*). Questions should be answered as exactly and as completely as possible. If no answer can be found, place a '?'’ (question mark) in the answer space. Questions requiring a 'yes' or 'no' or quantitative answer, such as "How many ...?", cannot be answered with a '?'.



                                     1 point per .01 mile over or under the Official mileage, scored from CHECKPOINT*  to CHECKPOINT*.

                                  25 points per Question unanswered or answered incorrectly; unless otherwise specified.

                                  25 points for failure to complete the Score sheet as required.

                                200 points for missing a manned control or for entering a manned control from the wrong direction.

                                200 points for failing to record your CHECKPOINT* mileage where indicated.

                                200 points for entering an Off-course control.

                                Disqualification or penalty points will be added to score (optional with Rallye Control) for unsportsmanlike conduct


* See Glossary for definitions of these terms on the reverse of this sheet.


MISCELLANEOUS:   If there is any point on  which  you are confused or feel that has not been covered in these instructions, see a                  Rallye Official before the rallye begins. Questions about these GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS should be directed to a Rallye Advisor (identified by a blue badge). Questions about a specific Rallye should be directed to a member of the Rallye Committee (identified by a red badge).


Any unsportsmanlike conduct, such as excessive backing-up, deliberate following, conferring with other rallyists, use of two-way radios, alcoholic beverages, hallucinatory drugs, or violation of State or Local laws, such as reckless or careless driving,  or creating a traffic hazard during the rallye is grounds for PENALTY or DISQUALIFICATION.  There will be observer cars on the rallye. Decisions of the rallyemaster and/or the rallye committee are final.





The following seven (7) actions can only occur at an intersection:


R                             > Make a right turn of any angle.

L                              > Make a left turn of any angle.

BR                           > (bear right) Make a right turn of substantially less than 90 degrees.

BL                           > (bear left)  Make a left turn of substantially less than 90 degrees.

AR                           > (acute right) Make a right turn of substantially more than 90 degrees.

AL                           > (acute left) Make a left turn of substantially more than 90 degrees.

S                             > (straight) Make least possible turn.


CHECKPOINT      > Record your odometer reading as accurately as possible on your Scoresheet as you pass  the indicated point, sign, or object.
                                   If manned, follow the directions of the checkpoint crew. Do not reset your odometer.

TTU                        > (Turns To Unpaved) Drive upon a road that becomes unpaved out of sight of the intersection where you first encountered it.

PU                          > (Pickup) Go essentially straight onto a named or numbered road at the identifying sign.

FWL                        > (Follow White Line) Follow the single, double, or dashed traffic lane indicators in white or yellow on the road surface until the next numbered instruction.


STOP                     > An intersection controlled by conventional octagonal sign(s) that requires you to stop.

YIELD                     > An intersection controlled by conventional triangular sign(s) that requires you to yield.

SIG                         > An intersection controlled by means of a tri-colored light(s).

BLINKER               > An intersection controlled by means of a mono-colored light(s).

Y                              > An intersection in the approximate shape of a capital 'Y', always approached from the bottom.

T                              > An intersection in the approximate shape of a capital 'T', always approached from the bottom.


EITHER/OR           > Choose & execute the option which can be executed first and completely disregard the other option(s)


OPP                        > OPPortunity to perform the specified action.

FOPP                     > First OPP.

LOPP                     > Last OPP.


RIP                          > (Reads In Part) Used when a sign is not quoted in its entirety. RIP will not be used because of

                                    illustrations on signs.

SOL                        > (Sign or Object on Left) Directs you to look on the left to identify the sign or object referred to in the instructions.

HTS                        > (Hard To See or read)  Used when it is difficult to see a sign or object or when the writing is unclear.

                                   There will be no tricks based on HTS.

HELPER                > Additional information that is not required to help you stay on-course.

ETR                        > (Enjoy The Ride) A portion of the rallye in which no clues, answers to questions, or deliberate route following  tricks will be used.

MBCSOL               > (May Be Considered SOL) Used when a sign or object is in a position that cannot be readily identified

                                    as on the right or SOL, usually directly ahead or overhead.

MBCH                    > (May Be Considered HELPER) Used when a specific route instruction may not be necessary to keep you on course. 


If an item defined in this glossary appears in uppercase in route instructions, it should be interpreted as in this Glossary.


adopted 6/71 (JG), revised 3/98, 5/98 (JG,TM,PS,MS)